PPI Community Document

16 Jun 2013

PPI-net members were asked to complete a questionnaire. Its purpose was to assess the capabilities of the PPI community in the UK and within the PPI-network . The information  gathered has been made available through the PPI-Net Community document, which is currently being revised by PPI-net members. Feel free to add comments or to respond to comments in the live document (but please leave your name, otherwise your entry will be deleted).

Pump-Priming Placement Award

02 May 2013

1 Pump-Priming  Placement has been awarded to:

Andy Wilson (University of Leeds) and Dek Woolfson (University of Bristol)

Paper of the Month

05 Mar 2013

Azzarito V, Long K, Murphy NS, Wilson AJ (2013) Inhibition of {alpha}-helix-mediated protein-protein interactions using designed molecules. Nat Chem., DOI: 10.1038/nchem.1568.

Pump-Priming Placement Award

28 Jan 2013

1 Pump-Priming  Placement has been awarded to:

David Klug  (Imperial College)

PPI-net International Conference

18 Jan 2013

The PPI-Net International conference- organised jointly by PPI-net, RSC-BMCS, MGMS, and the SCI - has taken place on 16th and 17th January

Download the conference photo

Congratulations to the winner of the poster prize:

Dr Chiara Valenzano, a Marie Curie Fellow (University of Cambridge)