Working Group Award

15 Jul 2012

Following a round table discussion on the same topic, a proposal for a working group on "The design of PPI targeted libraries" was awarded.

The working group is led by Dr Andrew Wilson (University of Leeds). The objective of this WG is to refine suggestions from the previous DG and develop a proposal (academia, industry and SMEs) to strengthen bioinformatics to define pharmacophores for which state of the art synthetic chemistry will be deployed to obtain libraries.

If you would like to get involved please contact Andy Wilson.


Placement Award

13 Jul 2012

A Placement has been awarded:

  • Natalia Goerhing, Edward Burgin, Ali Salehi Rayhani (Imperial College London)

Placement Award

17 Mar 2012

2 Placements have been awarded

1) Andrew Wilson (University of Leeds)

2) Alison Hulme (University of Edinburgh)

Round Table Discussion Award

17 Mar 2012

The call for proposals for the 3rd Round Table Discussion sessions is now closed. The following proposal was awarded with the "round table grant":

Dr Alex Breeze (AstraZeneca) "Frontiers in structural & biophysical tools for protein complexes and PPIs"

Round Table Discussions are facilitated informal discussion group meetings at which network members and participants can learn about each other's work, formulate collaborative ideas and scope challenges.

Download the Round Table Discussion application guidelines.

Download the Round Table Discussion application form.