Paper of the Month

01 Mar 2012

Buckley LD, Van Molle I, Gareiss PC, Tae HS, Michel J, Noblin DJ, Jorgensen WL, Ciulli A, Crews CM (2012) Targeting the von Hippel–Lindau E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Using Small Molecules To Disrupt the VHL/HIF-1? Interaction J. Am. Chem. Soc., DOI: 10.1021/ja209924v

Thiel P, Kaiser M, Ottmann C. Small-molecule stabilization of protein-protein interactions: an underestimated concept in drug discovery? (2012) Angew Chem.;51(9):2012-8. doi: 10.1002/anie.201107616.


10 Feb 2012

Call for Proposals for Placements

Placements are available for a range of different activities including:

  • Short term exchange (weeks of up to 3 months) between academic labs or from academia into industry may be used to perform a small number of feasibility experiments e.g. cell based screening.
  • Academic or Industrialist exchange of individuals between academic labs, from industry to academia and vice versa to formulate individual proposals/ ideas and prepare for discussion groups/ working groups.

We are now inviting proposals for placements. For more information go to Placements.

PPI Topics Vote

02 Feb 2012

"Drug Design" is the most popular topic amongst PPI-Net members

We received a very positive feed-back on the National PPI-Net conference held in December 2011. Amongst other things we asked the delegates which topics they would like to see in future discussion groups. In order to make use of the very long and very interesting list of possible subjects that have been suggested, we asked the network to vote on these subjects. 41 members have voted and the clear winning topic is "drug design: innovative methods of drug design, going from fragments hits to leads,design of ppi inhibitors and assays, potent ppi inhibitors that are cell permeable". 

We are now inviting proposals for "Round Table Discussion Groups" on this topic. For more information go to Round Table Discussion

2nd Round Table Discussion

14 Oct 2011

The call for proposals for the 2nd Round Table Discussion sessions is now closed. The following two proposals were awarded with the "round table grant":

1) Professor Alan Armstrong (Imperial college) and Dr David Pryde (Pfizer)  with the discussion topic "PPI targets for the treatment of pain"

2) Dr Andrew Wilson (University of Leeds) with  "The design of PPI targeted libraries"

Round Table Discussions are facilitated informal discussion group meetings at which network members and participants can learn about each other's work, formulate collaborative ideas and scope challenges.

Download the Round Table Discussion application guidelines.

Download the Round Table Discussion application form.

First Round Table Discussion

15 Jul 2011

The winner of the 1st Round Table Discussion  is Professor Steve Matthews from Imperial College London with the topic ‘Practical aspects of using NMR in fragment-based screening of PPIs’

Please click here for information on future calls.