PPI-Net Young Researchers Symposium (2017)

The PPI-Net Young Researchers Symposium has taken place on 13th September at Leeds University. The aim of the symposium was to provide a platform for early career researchers from a broad range of backgrounds to come together, share their work and discuss the latest research on PPIs and their inhibition. Michelle Arkin of the University of California, San Francisco, and Luc Brunsveld of the Eindhoven University of Technology both delivered excellent Plenary lectures.

Congratulations to the winners of the prizes!

Poster prizes:

Rachel Everett, University of Oxford

Valeria Azzarito, University of Leeds

Presentation prize:

Chris Douse, Imperial College London

Pitch for Placement:

Vidya Pawar, Oxford Brookes University

3rd Young Researchers Symposium

The PPI-Net Young Researchers Symposium has taken place on the 7th April 2014 at Imperial College London

Congratulations to the winners of the prizes that were presented by Professor Geoff Barton from the University of Dundee:

Presentation prize:

Diana Monteiro (University of Leeds) “Structural studies of pantothenase biosynthesis”

End of Funding

The Research Council’s funding for PPI-net formally came to an end in November 2013; we would like to thank all members of the community for engaging with the project and making it such a huge success. It is clear that there is strong enthusiasm from the community to continue to sustain and evolve this network going forward. Despite the conclusion of research council support for the initiative, we have secured a small amount of funding in order to continue some PPI-net activities until we make a formal proposal to the Research Councils for further support.

As well as these monies, we have also established a small molecule compound library (selected for PPIs) for the community. This is stored in Leeds and is intended to assist the community by making copies available free of charge as a starting point for screens and assays.  GSK have also generously contributed £10,000 towards further expansion of the library. Further information on what the library comprises and how to access it will follow soon.

PPI Community Document

PPI-net members were asked to complete a questionnaire. Its purpose was to assess the capabilities of the PPI community in the UK and within the PPI-network . The information  gathered has been made available through the PPI-Net Community document, which is currently being revised by PPI-net members. Feel free to add comments or to respond to comments in the live document (but please leave your name, otherwise your entry will be deleted).

PPI-net International Conference

The PPI-Net International conference- organised jointly by PPI-net, RSC-BMCS, MGMS, and the SCI – has taken place on 16th and 17th January

Download the conference photo

Congratulations to the winner of the poster prize:

Dr Chiara Valenzano, a Marie Curie Fellow (University of Cambridge)

PPI-Net National Conference

The PPI-Net National Conference has taken place on 12th December 2011 at Alderley Park Conference Centre, AstraZeneca, Macclesfield.