PPI-Net Membership

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Network, please contact Professor Andrew Wilson.

Once your membership has been approved you’ll be able to access the contact details of all PPI-Net members and you’ll get access to various relevant documents for download.

PPI-Net – Capabilities

PPI-net members were asked to complete a questionnaire. Its purpose was to assess the capabilities of the PPI community in the UK and within the PPI-network . The information gathered has been made available through the PPI-Net Community document, which is currently being revised by PPI-net members.

PPI-Net – Network maps

The Network maps are capturing current PPI collaborations currently in progress between academic groups, SMEs and Pharma in the UK and to global groups.

Dynamic versions with links to view in a browser (oprimised for IE or Firefox):

PPI-Net centric network map (May 2013).

PPI Researchers Network without PPI-Net (May 2013).