Paper of the Month

Interesting publications on protein-protein interactions

  1. Achala, N. D., Hewage, P., Yao, H., Nammalwar, B., Gnanasekaran, K.K., et al. (2019) Small Molecule Inhibitors of the BfrB–Bfd Interaction Decrease Pseudomonas aeruginosa Fitness and Potentiate Fluoroquinolone Activity. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 141:
  2. Miles, J. A., Hobor, F., Taylor, J., Tiede, C., Rowell, P.R., Trinh, C. H., Jackson, B., Nadat, F., Kyle, H. F., Wicky, B. I. M., Clarke, J., Tomlinson, D. C., Wilson, A. J., Edwards, T. A. et al. (2019) Selective Affirmers Recognize BCL-2 Family Proteins Through Non-Canonical Structural Motifs. BioRxiv 651364; doi: 10.1101/651364
  3. Wu, Q., Heidenreich, D., Zhou, S., Ackloo, S., Krämer, A., Nakka, K., et al. (2019) A chemical toolbox for the study of bromodomains and epigenetic signaling. Nature Commun. 10: 1915
  4. Cao Q., Shin W. S., Chan H., Vuong C. K., Dubois B., et al. (2018) Inhibiting amyloid-β cytotoxicity through its interaction with the cell surface receptor LilrB2 by structure-based design. Nat. Chem. 10, 1213-1221
  5. Rogers J. M., Passioura T. & Suga H. (2018) Nonproteinogenic deep mutational scanning of linear and cyclic peptides. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 115: 10959-10964
  6. McArthur K., Whitehead L.W., Heddleston J.M., Li L., Padman B.S., at al. (2018) BAK/BAX macropores facilitate mitochondrial herniation and mtDNA efflux during apoptosis. Science, 359 (6378): eaao6047
  7. Ramaswamy K., Forbes L., Minuesa G., Gindin, T.; Brown, F., et al. (2018) Peptidomimetic blockade of MYB in acute myeloid leukemia. Nature Commun, 9 (1): 11
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  9. Gerken P. A., Wolstenhulme J. R., Tumber A., Hatch S. B., Zhang Y. et al. (2017) Discovery of a Highly Selective Cell-Active Inhibitor of the Histone Lysine Demethylases KDM2/7. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 56: 15555-15559.
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  16. Niu, X., Brahmbhatt, H., Mergenthaler, P., Zhang, Z., Sang, J., et al. (2017) A Small-Molecule Inhibitor of Bax and Bak Oligomerization Prevents Genotoxic Cell Death and Promotes Neuroprotection. Cell Chemical Biology 24, 493-506.e5
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